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Welcome to Digital Ricœur.

The Digital Ricœur website provides access to the work of the French philosopher Paul Ricœur (1913–2005). At present, the material available offers writings by Ricœur. The aim over time is also to include writings on Ricœur. Our work has been supported by the Society for Ricœur Studies, and we are pleased to work in partnership with the Fonds Ricœur.

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Search Term

Find all text segments and page references based on search terms. It provides an efficient way to locate parts of Ricoeur's work that may be relevant to your research. Due to copyright constraints, only short contextual information can be provided.


This is the list of Ricoeur's works available through the Digital Ricoeur project. We are continually updating this list as new material is digitized and integrated into the repository.


Explore Ricoeur's rich bibliography through a very flexible interface. It contains all published works by Ricoeur, even those that are not yet integrated into the Digital Ricoeur corpus.

Secondary Open Access Material

A developing bibliography on secondary materials on Ricoeur

Intellectual Biography

This Intellectual Biography Story Map provides a geographical timeline of Ricoeur's life and career, demonstrating not only the significant number of events in which Ricoeur participated, but also their extensive geographic distribution.